Josey is absolutely amazing! She gave me substantive (overall critique of elements plus a line edit of an early section), and her feedback was absolutely spot on. I asked her to be really honest about the market and issues she saw in my writing that might prevent my YA book from being publishable, and she delivered. I liked her so much I asked her to read another piece of writing, this time a Realistic Fiction Middle Grade book. Aspiring writers, you will not regret an investment in guidance from Josey!

Sarah W, Philadelphia, PA.

I am still working with Josey on my book. But let me say that she has been a pleasure to work with thus far. She is very honest and helpful. She works with your vision and molds it to make it better through editing. She is also giving me insight on how to become a better writer through her critique and editing methods. I think her book blogging and work at publishing houses and with agents gives her insight into the market that is helpful in making a book marketable. And most of all she is reasonably priced for the struggling writer. Thank you Josey!

Dafina D, Alameda, CA.

Josey is a true professional and was very happy with her results. Her rates are very fair and she is easy to talk with and she will listen to your ideas.
Easy to figure out the confidence I have in Josey!

Dave S, Havertown, PA. 

Josey is still working on my book but I had to comment on how much I am enjoying working with her. She is professional but also seems very interested in my life story and wanting to present it in the best possible way. She has been very patient with my much needed editing and seems to have a special insight and understanding of my story even though she has never met me. I would highly recommend her services to other authors.

Mona B, Tempe, AZ. 

I can’t say enough about you Josie. Thank you so much!!! You have gone over and above duty:)

Lara M, Carlsbad, CA. 

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